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Ginseng Coffee

Our ginseng coffees

Enjoy the excellent taste and the subtle exotic aroma, and let ginseng’s traditional health benefits refresh you!

GMB Ginseng Coffee is available in 5 variations:

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About ginseng 

According to Traditional Asian and in particular Chinese Medicine, Ginseng possesses special properties that help promote youth, improve circulation, provide energy as well as stimulate the body.

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Well, we can’t say our weather is boring, can we. The past few weeks felt like spring was in the air, and yesterday we even got a glimpse of summer! Today we’re back to autumn… 

No worries though, have a delicious cuppa GMB Ginseng Coffee and you’ll be alright! It’s true what they say about ginseng, it’ll boost your energy levels and immunity. Give it a go! Taste our ginseng coffee today!