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Administrative office:
GMB Group BV
Robert Molsstraat 61
2018 Antwerpen

BE 0477.473.491

+ 32 3 722 1888
You can reach us by phone every weekday between 10 am and 12 noon and between 2 and 4 pm

About us

We were having friends over for a fun evening together. We had prepared food and had dinner, and then it was time for coffee. Hmm, a cup of coffee after a meal… So good. Except this time, we wanted to offer something different, something out of the ordinary. “But it has to taste good, guys!” Challenge accepted.

It took us more than two years to get our first instant coffee formula just right. And our friends approved! Not an easy feat, as Belgians really do know and love their food and drinks. We had succeeded in seducing their taste buds, and then one thing led to another.

“Do you also have this without sugar?”

“I’ll have it black, without any milk or sugar.”

Ten years have passed, and we now have five variations. We expect this number to grow, because our get-together developed into a real business. In any case, we aim to give our friends and our clients in and outside Europe the very best we have to offer: hygge in a cup of ginseng coffee.