What are the advantages of ginseng?

According to Asian – especially Chinese - traditional medicine, Panax Ginseng contains special properties that maintain youthfulness, increase energy and stimulate the body.

Energy and Mood

The ancient use of ginseng builds up energy in the body, improves overall health and increases vitality, concentration and accuracy. Regular ginseng intake makes you more stress resistant, helps keep a clear mind, and stimulates awareness. Ginseng helps relieve mental pressure and restlessness. Chinese tradition says that ginseng makes you active and optimistic.


One of the oldest known uses of ginseng is to facilitate digestion. Breaking down food and turning it into natural sugars that can easily be absorbed by the body is a complex process. Ginseng helps the body stabilize the blood sugar levels.


The kidneys’ purpose is to filter blood. Ginseng’s natural advantages help clean the blood, absorb vital minerals and maintain a healthy blood pressure.

What is the best way to prepare the coffee?

Pour the contents of a stick into a mug or cup and add 150 ml hot water. Stir well, and you are ready to enjoy your cup of ginseng coffee.

Where can I find the full list of ingredients?

You can download the list of ingredients per product on the product page “Our Coffees” under “More Details”.

Where can I find the nutritional value?

You can download the information per product on the product page “Our Coffees” under “More Details”.

Is ginseng coffee gluten-free?

Yes, all our products are gluten-free.

Is ginseng coffee lactose-free?

All our products are lactose-free, except the Cappuccino, which contains low fat cow milk.

Why is the Black variation more expensive than the other products?

The Black packaging contains 20 sticks instead of usual 10.

Why is the Bio variation so much more expensive?

The Bio packaging contains 80 to 100 cups of coffee.

Is ginseng the same as ginger?

No, ginseng and ginger are not synonyms. They are two different roots of two very different plants. For our coffees, we use Panax Ginseng that has matured for six years.


I just placed an order. What happens now?

As soon as you have placed your order and you have received your initial order confirmation, we will send you a confirmation with your unique order number (to be used as payment reference), payment information and the amount due. As soon as we have received payment, we will ship your order that same day and you will receive an e-mail with tracking information of your package.

How do I pay?

For now, we only use wire transfers.

Why have I not received an e-mail confirmation?

Usually, your order or e-mail will be processed within 24 hours on a weekday. Please check whether your e-mail confirmation has landed in your junk folder.

What happens with my contact information?

Your contact information will not be shared or sold. Your personal information will only be used to send your order, and to send you tracking and payment information. Very occasionally, we offer promotions that we will inform you about. If you do not wish to receive promotional offers, please let us know and you will no longer receive this information.

Where do you deliver?

We work with our partners to deliver worldwide. Depending on the destination, we will charge a delivery fee.

Do I get a discount when I place a larger order?

We do indeed offer tiered pricing. The larger the order, the better the price. From 10 packages onward, you will receive an 8% discount, which amounts to 50 eurocent per package. From 20 packages onward, you will receive a 16% discount, which amounts to 1 euro per package. If you order a full carton of 50 packages, you will receive a 23% discount per package. If you are a retailer, we offer different pricing. In that case, please contact us. 


How do I contact you?

You can send us a message via the Contact page, send us an e-mail or give us a call.

What does GMB stand for?

My mother had this habit of writing three letters on any piece of paper. That was her thing. Over time, this became her cherished trademark. Of course the question always remained what those letters meant… An old friend from the U.S. blurted out: “God made the beans.” That made us laugh. What do you think? Let us know…

Why is my shop not on your retailers list?

If you are a shop owner or you visited a shop where you spotted our GMB Ginseng Coffee and it is not on our list, please drop us a line and we will add it!